Central Coast – Sydney – Newcastle – Australia

Welding Gosford Central Coast or onsite Sydney Newcastle NSW

With over 40 years experience welding on the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle & the Hunter Valley in workshop and mobile welding using processes of welding:

  • MIG
  • TIG
  • MMAG Stick
  • Oxy
  • Flux Cored

Ranging of weld uses:

  • Super high strength welding in mobile plant industries AS1554-5
  • Hardfacing up to 70RC and 1220 Vickers in matrix Carbides
  • Pressure Welding
  • Heat exchanger brazing
  • Structural Steel welding AS1554
  • Radial welding build-ups on shafts and internal housings
  • Truck chassis repairs & welding
  • Welding on all Earthmoving equipment both repairs, modification & manufacture
  • Line & horizontal boring & linear build up welding

We are proud to represent welding on the central coast from our workshop facilities in West Gosford, Somersby & Wanervale