We have adopted a “let’s make it clear at the start” approach to designing. We choose that it is important for us to make our interpretation of your idea clear at the start of any works, free of charge.

Cad design drawing - design and drafting engineering

We will propose a concept design around the parameters that you have requested, if we are in agreement that the job is feasible; it will proceed to a project.

We believe this helps you understand quickly:

  • Is the job achievable
  • Is it commercially viable
  • Are we the company for you
  • Do you need to rethink the project

Before you are locked in commercially we can provide:

  • 2d drawings
  • 3d models both in parts and assemblies
  • Animations, where we can make motion files of the proposed design moving
  • Stress analysis of the object to show where critical areas of stress and distortion are to help enhance the design


If documentation is needed we can:

  • All 2d drawings with isomatrical views
  • Bill of materials
  • Schematics in hydraulic and electrical
  • Report writing
  • Supply electronic templates for Lazer or flame cutting