Sales – Service – Repairs

With safe work practices being the premium in construction and maintenance, with working at great heights being on the increase there is a necessity for safe machinery.

We provide the following EWP (cherry picker) services:

  • EWP Sales
  • EWP Service
  • EWP Repairs
  • EWP 3month ewp/ cherry picker inspection
  • EWP 12month ewp/ cherry picker inspection
  • EWP 5 year refurbishment, 5 year rebuild & inspection
  • EWP 10 year refurbishment, 10 year rebuild & inspection

Keeping a serious attitude, whilst working with authorities and Australian Standards; to ensure that our involvement with EWP (cherry pickers) and scissor lifts are a reflection on where the industry is heading to.

New elevated work platforms

Working height with the market being vast we can make fast sense on:

  • Bucket capacity
  • Boom configuration
  • Truck requirements (if needed)
  • Insulation requirement (if working around HV)
  • Safety requirements

Process efficiency

Once these features are quickly established, we can go about offering a machine including designing the body layout to match your exact needs, then proceeding to a costing and delivery time. From there you simply place your order and leave it up to us.
EWP Rebuilds – 5 year and 10 year inspections

With the ability now to reclaim an old machine after 10 years of use by disassembling and doing sufficient testing to ensure that the unit is safe to go back into service, is now a commercially viable option against buying a new machine.

Whether you have an existing machine or you would like us to find one or check with what units we have for sale.

The process of rebuilding is a specialised area when done professionally ensuring that:

  • Structural components are correctly exposed to NDT testing is of super high quality
  • Hydraulic components are rebuilt to stringent rules
  • Components are replaced where future safety has to be considered
  • Ensuring that die electrical integrity is maintained
  • Engineer certified reworks

We know we meet these principals whilst maintaining a commercial balance.